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A week in the life - 04 Jun 2001 - Accountancy Age

A week in the life - 04 Jun 2001 - Accountancy Age: Monday

First day of a new six-month contract, but I have the day off to attend the IR35 judicial review. As PCG PR director I have a very busy day ahead, with radio and TV interviews booked. The judgement is handed down. At last someone in authority has taken us seriously, agreed the facts are correct and that our members have been treated shabbily - it's hurrah for British justice.

Tuesday Testing a settlements system and today we are trialling with Crest. Get into the office and the client project manager wants to see me.

He is sorry but due to cuts my contract has been terminated. So much for the Inland Revenue telling us we don't take risks! In between testing I looking for a new contract.

Wednesday There is more testing and the client is pleased with the outcome and we will now be able to go into production on time.

Thursday Last day of system testing and everything has been accomplished. Preparing for PCG council meeting and as I am standing for chairman members want to know my plans. I am still contract hunting - the market is quiet and rates have dropped.

Friday User has signed off the testing and we can now go live. Still searching the internet for another contract. Timing couldn't be worse as we are going on holiday in a week. My husband has had cancer and this is our first holiday together in two years.

Saturday PCG meeting and as this is a newly elected council they have to choose a new chairman and directors. I have a terrific team of directors to put forward, and after discussion they vote us in. Really pleased and I am looking forward to next year. Now I have just got to get that contract.

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