Friday, 2 July 2010


I have one biological child Amira, now 18 but I have another 3 and one on the way via my husband and his Egyptian wife. It is almost like being a granny all the fun and none of the responsiblity. They love coming over and spending time with me which is such a positive testimony to our unusual polygamous lifestyle. I speak English around them even though they don't really understand me and encourage them to use the computer. I found this great multi lingual website with kiddies games in loads of languages and they can play matching and bingo games in either English or Arabic. Doa'a the eldest is as bright as a button, you show her somethign once and she picks it up just like that. She has got the hang of scrolling just watching me and I was stunned to see her using it. Yesterday they were all paying in my office and drawing pictures. I put the one Doa'a did as my profile picture on Facebook, she was proud as punch to see me put it on my computer. While they were here we phoned my daughter in the UK on Skype. She actually speaks Arabic so they were chatting away together. Hamdi eldest boy took over the headphones at one point and his sister was trying to show him how to use them. He said "I know how to do it you idiot" which cracked me daughter up. It was so good all the kids interacting as the step kids miss Amira a lot since she went to the UK for college.