Thursday, 13 January 2011

My thoughts about living in Egypt

You like your job you just wish it wasn’t under grey skies. Your partner wants to paint and raise the children. You don’t want your kids to value designer clothes and the latest gadget.
Living in Egypt with the advent of the internet means that you are not in a 3rd world country you are just in a world country. The nature of education and work has changed, with home working and home schooling; you just have decide where home is. If you want a pharaohs lifestyle, spacious home, low running costs, no big heating bills, year round sunshine, friendly people, room to breathe, breath taking views and easy cheap travel then Egypt is the place.
I went from living in a 3 bedroom terrace in a London suburb to owning a 2 million dollar property empire. My home is so big I rattle in it; I have a swimming pool, staff on site and a life style that means I am in control instead of being a wage slave.
Not only that but what I do is so much more satisfying. I employ 10 staff and sub contract others. Now in Egypt this means I am giving valuable jobs to people that really need it. I act as a conduit between perceived rich holiday makers and the locals. I make a difference in people’s lives...for the good. You are not just employing someone here; you are giving them a life line.
You too can change your life, live life the Egyptian way as part of a community. If you saw my life you would want it to, rent an apartment from me and catch the bug. Change your life and get back to basics, be part of the village, reject the rat race, live the real life.

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